Citizen Ruth: Credits

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                   Directed by  ALEXANDER PAYNE                         
                   Produced by  CARY WOODS &                            
                                CATHY KONRAD                            
                    Written by  ALEXANDER PAYNE &                       
                                JIM TAYLOR                              
                   Co-Producer  ANDREW STONE                            
       Director of Photography  JAMES GLENNON, A.S.C.                   
           Production Designer  JANE ANN STEWART                        
                        Editor  KEVIN TENT                              
                      Music by  ROLFE KENT                              
              Costume Designer  TOM MC KINLEY                           
                       Casting  LISA BEACH, CSA                         
            Associate Producer  MICHAEL ZIMBRICH                        
       Unit Production Manager  SCUITCOHN                               
      First Assistant Director  HEATHER KRTZER                          
    Second Assistant Directors  CARLA BOWEN                             
                                BASTI VAN DER WOUDE                     
        Production Coordinator  COLLEEN COLE                            
                 Omaha Casting  JOHN JACKSON                            
                                TALENT POOL, INC.                       
                   Sound Mixer  JAY PATTERSON, C.A.S.                   

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