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Director - Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Miller can currently be seen in Alan Rudolph's MRS. PARKER AND THE VICIOUS CIRCLE. As an actress, her credits include REGARDING HENRY (directed by Mike Nichols), CONSENTING ADULTS (directed by Alan Pakula), and THE PICKLE (directed by Paul Mazursky). In theatre she has worked with Peter Brook in the New York and touring productions of THE CHERRY ORCHARD.

Rebecca Miller began her artistic career as a painter and sculptor intrigued with dream imagery. In 1985, she experimented with making short 16mm films using dream imagery as the predominant theme. She then incorporated these films into mixed media presentations with her sculptures. In 1987, wanting to know more about directing actors and hoping to finance some of her more ambitious art projects, Ms. Miller began acting.

In 1990, she directed her first narrative film, FLORENCE, a half-hour short about a woman who is so empathetic to other people's pain that she acquires their symptoms; eventually she catches a neighbor's amnesia and forgets who she is. Ms. Miller made her theatrical directing debut in 1992 with AFTER THE FALL for the Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati. She graduated with a B.A. from Yale, majoring in painting and literature. In the years following her graduation, she lived in Munich on a painting fellowship, then returned to New York, showing her work in galleries in New York and New England. Some of these included: the Castelli Gallery, the National Academy of Design, and the Victoria Munroe Gallery.

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