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Richard Spence on "Different for Girls"

by Leslie Rigoulot

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January 23, 1996

Q: So, how many offers have you gotten for distribution of "Different for Girls"?

A: Every day or so we get an offer. Three so far but we are hoping to have a final by Friday.

Q: What are you looking for in a distributor?

A: Someone who can market this in a positive way, as the love story that it is. John Chapman, my producer and I have been working on this for a long time and would hate to mess it now. This is a story of a post operative transsexual and we presented to the BBC the day that "Crying Game" came out, so it went into turn around. But that wasn't a bad thing. It gave us time to get the critical scenes fleshed out.

Q: There seems to be a different attitude towards sex in England.

A: We are fascinated with the borders of gender and sexuality. In America there are more movies with 200 dead bodies, but let's not have someone's dick hanging out! In the UK, they have a less conservative view of sexuality.

Q: I have to ask if Steven Mackintosh, who is a transsexual in "Different for Girls"...

A: No, very straight, married with kids and all that. It just took some bold acting on his part.

Q: But when he undresses...

A: Very good prosthetics, and a new digital post production. Glad to see you noticed.

Q: I was impressed with the nature of the love story as well. She needs to cut loose and he needs to grow up. Also there is the contrast with Kim's sister's marriage.

A: Another case of what makes a man a man. Is he less of a man because he can't father a child? Is it better to not acknowledge that there are problems?

Q: I'm supposed to ask the questions!

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