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Nick Gomez Press Conference on "Illtown"

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New York, Sept. 29, 1996

"The film to me is a 90-minute experiment. And Isaac Hayes is God. To the other characters he's also God. That's why he doesn't really exist....It's full of plastic characters moving through time and the cosmos....they're my pawns."

"The book 'Cocaine Kids' had been optioned. It's an excellent book by an anthropological writer. There really isn't much similarity between the movie and the book, but because we had begun with that option, he had to get his credit on the film."

"Death in society for us now doesn't have repercussions. That's the point for me."

"Thanks for asking about the use of love songs over the violence. It's about a love that had consequences, twists and repellant aspects to it - a counterpoint to the soft songs."

"It's a psychic landscape. There's no realism in the movies. It's about people working out issues of guilt and redemption."

"The golf course is a paradise. A man-made environment that is as remote and pleasant as anything ever gets for these people."

"You think all the women in my films are sex objects? What about Lily Taylor's character? She's very real, and there's nothing wrong with her wanting a baby. Women want that. Maybe the other woman, Lily, is a fantasy. I'm not sure in my own mind that she's even real."

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