Well, you know I probably spend too much time on the computer, but I like surfing the Web better than watching TV. Anyway, here's some of the good stuff out there:

The Underground Film site is one I really like. It's got just the kind of weird stuff I like.

Reel.com is a great source for video tapes and DVDs. In fact, as you move through Film Scouts, you may notice a little Reel.com logo on many of the pages, indicating that you can follow that link to Reel.com to buy that film, or you can just start surfing their site from here, just remember to come back!

I'm entering some of my own stuff in the Leonardo DiCaprio Online Short Film Festival, a really neat idea that's getting off the ground... test

The Sundance Institute is probably my favorite place to be, it's where I hope to present my own work someday. Bob?

The Hollywood Network, it's full of stuff like basic legal information and other how-to stuff - check their Producer's section.

Yahoo! Movies has all sorts of information about current films, including each week's box-office top ten list, stories about Hollywood happenings from the various news wire services, and message boards. Of course, they also have extensive links back to us here at Film Scouts.

My own (and everyone's) favorite film database on the net is The Internet Movie Database. I like to check their Studio Brief news reports to make sure that I don't miss out on some hot new thing.

So, may I help you with something else, or...

OK, I'll show you back to the main lobby.

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