Les Voleurs

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Review, by Lisa Nesselson

Justin, a ten year-old boy, is woken up in the middle of the night by a violent scream; it's a woman's voice; it's his mother's. The story begins with the look of a child who learns of his father's death, and realises they are trying to hide the truth from him. It is the truth related to his father's activities, that we discover through the adult's world - Alex the cop - Marie the philosophy professor Juliette and her brother Jimmy - and the truth doesn't stop changing as it takes on different forms it burns those who approach it, and slowly disappears as life moves on...

"I didn't want to talk of what I already knew. I left the south-west and went elsewhere, like an explorer. It took a lot longer than usual, especially in gathering the necessary information... I don't know what the film is like - it isn't up to me to say. I simply sought to create living characters with flesh and bone that stand upright and cast a shadow." - Andre Techine

Directed by: André Téchiné
Written by: Pascal Bonitzer, André Téchiné, Michel Alexandre, Gilles Taurand
Starring: Catherine Deneuve, Laurence Côté, Daniel Auteuil, Benoît Magimel, Fabienne Babe
Produced by: Alain Sarde
Original Music by: Philippe Sarde

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