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Review, by Cari Beauchamp

Acclaimed Canadian auteur Denys Arcand makes his return to the Cannes Festival with his latest directorial effort. Arcand, a Cannes veteran with his films "Decline Of The American Empire" and "Jesus Of Montreal" having been entered in competion in the past, will be out of competition this year with "Stardom", which will be shown at the closing night gala.

"Stardom" tells the story of a young female hockey player from Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. The girl's life is thrown into chaos when she gets discovered and is transformed into one of the world's most famous supermodels. The largely English-language film was shot in Ontario, New York, Miami, Paris and London.

In a recent interview, Arcand noted of the film "It's not really about supermodels, although it is set in their world. It's more about fame and what it does to you, how it shapes your life."

Film synopsis written for Film Scouts by Thom Bennett

Directed by: Denys Arcand

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