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La Noce

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Pavel Lounguine's film "La Noce" centers on a small Russian mining village where a wedding is set to take place. Childhood sweethearts Mishka and Tania are preparing for their big day while the whole world seems against them. Tania has just recently returned to town after an absence shrouded in mystery. Mishka's family is opposed to their marriage so much so that his grandfather spreads rumors around the town about Tania and Mishka's mother weeps for her son's future. Despite all this, their "happy" day arrives and the wedding begins…

Film synopsis written for Film Scouts by Thom Bennett

Directed by: Pavel Lounguine
Written by: Pavel Lounguine, Alexandre Galine
Starring: Marat Bacharov, Maria Mironova, Andréi Panine, Alexandre Semtchev, Vladimir Simonov, Maria Goloubkina
Original Music by: Vladimir Chekassine
Cinematography by: Alexandre Burov

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