Marius et Jeannette

Photo Courtesy of the Cannes Film Festival

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Interview with Robert Guédiguian, by Karen Jaehne

Review, by Karen Jaehne

The world... Marseille... The northern districts... The Estaque. Marius and Jeannette are in the prime of their lives. Marius lives alone in an immense, disused cementworks that overlooks the district. He guards this soon to be demolished factory. Jeannette brings her two children up on a meagre checkout girl's salary. She lives in a tiny house that opens out onto a typical Mediterranean style courtyard. Her neighbours, Caroline and Justin, Monique and Dédé, heartily encourage her with their fits of laughter and from time to time, loud protestations. The encounter between Marius and Jeannette will not be easy, as apart from the difficulties linked to their social situtation, they have both been hurt... by life.

Directed by: Robert Guédiguian
Written by: Robert Guédiguian, Jean-Louis Milesi
Starring: Ariane Ascaride, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Pascale Roberts, Frédérique Bonnal, Jacques Boudet, Gérard Meylan
Produced by: Gilles Sandoz
Original Music by: Laetitia Pesenti

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