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Interview with Al Pacino, by Leslie Rigoulot

Review, by Leslie Rigoulot

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In the vein of Truffaut's "Day For Night" and Fellini's "8 1/2", the movie is a simultaneous telling of the classic drama and an exploration of artistic and practical battles to understand the play, make Shakespeare accessible, and, ultimately, to finish the film. The story of Richard's ascent to the throne and the filmmaker's interpretations are woven throughout the picture, adding insight and comedy to this classic tragedy.

Directed by: Al Pacino
Written by: Al Pacino, William Shakespeare
Starring: Kenneth Branagh, Kevin Kline, Al Pacino, F. Murray Abraham, Winona Ryder, James Earl Jones, Alec Baldwin, Kevin Spacey
Produced by: Al Pacino, Michael Hadge
Original Music by: Howard Shore

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