Held Up

Review, by Thom Bennett

Directed by: Steve Rash
Written by: Jeff Eastin, Erik Fleming
Starring: Nia Long, Jake Busey, Jamie Foxx, Julie Hagerty, Barry Corbin, Eduardo Yez, John Cullum, Michael Shamus Wiles, Ian Black, Grant Bolton, Natalia Cigliuti, David Deveau, Tim Dixon, Diego Fuentes, Sam Gifaldi, Alvaro Gonzalo, Andrew Jackson, Dalton James, Kimberly Karpinski, Billy Morton, Gary Owen, Sarah Paulson, Lane Price, Gerry Quigley, Cabral Rock, Harper Roisman, Roselyn Sanchez, Ron Sauve, Chris Scott, Sam Vlahos, Herta Ware, Kathryn Winslow
Produced by: Stokely Chaffin
Original Music by: Robert Folk
Cinematography by: David A. Makin

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