Film Scouts on the Riviera 2000

Cecil B. DeMented

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The "Pope of Trash" has invaded sunny Cannes. In the great John Waters' latest opus, a group of film terrorists lead by director "Cecil B. DeMented" attempt to make the ultimate underground movie by kidnapping a famous Hollywood starlet and forcing her to be in their film.

Film synopsis written for Film Scouts by Thom Bennett

Directed by: John Waters
Written by: John Waters
Starring: Stephen Dorff, Alicia Witt, Larry Gilliard Jr., Melanie Griffith, Adrian Grenier, Judith Knight Young, Eric M. Barry, Paul M. Clary, Jeff Dignan, Harriet Dodge, Mimi Fletcher, Graham Gordon, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Patty Hearst, Conrad Karlson, Keith Konecke, Ricki Lake, Terry McCrea, John Michaelson, Jack Noseworthy, Eddie Page, Erika Lynn Rupli, Michael Shannon, Ryan P. Slattery, David Stelzer, Mink Stole, Tim Sulin, Ginger Tipton, Erika Wickham, Delaney Williams

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