Buenos Aires Vice Versa

Review, by Karen Jaehne

A boy and a girl, just out of adolescence, whose parents disappeared during the military dictatorship, are involved with a crowd of people representative of the multiple aspects of a big city like Buenos Aires. They try to understand what happened to their parents, but the only answer the city has to offer comes as an allegory. Stories intertwine through encounters and non-encounters, but are all linked by confusion, solitude and nostalgia of the city's inhabitants.

Directed by: Alejandro Agresti
Written by: Alejandro Agresti
Starring: Vera Fogwill, Nicolas Pauls, Fernan Miras, Mirta Busnelli, Carlos Roffé, Mario Paolucci, Laura Melillo, Harry Havillo
Produced by: Alejandro Agresti, Axel Harding
Original Music by: Alejandro Agresti

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