Bastard Out of Carolina

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Interview with Anjelica Huston, by Henri Béhar

Set in Greenville County, South Carolina in the early 50's, the Boatwrights are a family of rough-hewn men who drink too hard and indomitable women who marry young and age all too quickly. Observing everything with the keen eye of a child, Bone finds herself caught in a viscous family triangle that continually tests her mother Anney's love. Her new stepfather, Daddy Glen, is at first gentle with Bone but he steadily becomes colder and more furious with her, making her life with him unbearable. Bone is ultimately forced to choose a life for herself after a final harrowing encounter with Glen from which there is no turning back.

Directed by: Anjelica Huston
Written by: Dorothy Allison, Anne Meredith
Starring: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Glenne Headly, Ron Eldard, Lyle Lovett, Jena Malone, Dermot Mulroney, Christina Ricci
Produced by: Amanda DiGiulio, Gary Hoffman
Original Music by: Van Dyke Parks

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