Film Scouts on the Riviera 1999

Sibirskij tsiryulnik
(The Barber of Siberia)

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Review, by David Sterritt

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In 1885 an engineer (Richard Harris) travels to Russia with dreams of selling his newnew invetion, a steam-driven timber harvester, in the forests of Siberia. His assistant (Julia Ormond) falls in love with a young Russian officer and a Russian General becomes obsessed with her. Problems arise as these two men vie for her hand and she is supposed to seduce the proper people in order to sell the machine. She spends the next 10 years trying to find her true love, who has been exiled to Siberia due to his conflict with the General.

Film synopsis written for Film Scouts by Thom Bennett

Directed by: Nikita Mikhalkov
Written by: Nikita Mikhalkov, Rustam Ibragimbekov
Starring: Richard Harris, Julia Ormond, Oleg Menshikov, Aleksei Petrenko, Marina Neyolova, Yevgeni Steblov
Produced by: Nikita Mikhalkov, Michel Seydoux
Original Music by: Eduard Artemyev

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