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Scene II: A Curious Face

TIE-DYED : I wouldn't go up there If I were you.

Claudette is nervous but tries to hide it.

CLAUDETTE: Excuse me?

TIE-DYED : Level 8. That's where you going, isn't it?

CLAUDETTE: You have to forgive me but I'm late for a meeting.

TIE-DYED : Steve Gates.

Claudette reacts with shock as she recognizes the name.

CLAUDETTE: How did -- ?

TIE-DYED : Steve Gates controls everything. No one goes to Level 8 without his say-so. No, sir. Did they offer you a job, or maybe they have other plans for you.

Claudette frowns and then reacts indignantly.

CLAUDETTE: If you must know, I've been offered the position of chief liason to the National Free-Farming Director.

Tie-dyed cackles hysterically.

TIE-DYED : Ooooh, good one. At least they're getting creative.

Claudette tries to step around but Tie-Dyed jumps in her way, his face inches from Claudette. She becomes alarmed as she notices Tie-Dyed's eyes moving independently, chameleon-like. One eye explores her face, the other focusses on her ample bosom as if watching a tennis match. She recoils slightly, instinctively covering her chest.

CLAUDETTE: Your eyes ...

TIE-DYED : I was on Level 8 once. One of the expendables. All the Levels? Various stages of Gates's fuck-ups. Believe me, you don't want to go down to Level 1. Now there's some nasty shit down there. Hey, you want to see something cool?

Tie-Dyed's face dissolves from the front of his head and reappears on the back. Claudette SCREAMS and sprints for the elevator. Tie-dyed's face reappears and yells after the fleeing Claudette..

TIE-DYED : Hey, where're you're going?! I haven't shown you the best stuff yet! Hey, lady!

Tie-Dyed smiles, literally from ear-to-ear and then returns to bouncing to his music. He pauses and imitates John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever.

--D.v.R., Texas, USA

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