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Main Lobby
Theater 1L: The Film Scouts Media Lab: Multimedia Links
Concession Stand: Shopping

Lobby 2
Theater 2L: The Revenant Matinee Room
Theater 2R: The Forest Matinee Room

Lobby 3
Theater 3L: Press Room: Interviews and Reviews
Theater 3R: Caught In The Web

Lobby 4
Theater 4L: Fifty Shades of Black Matinee Room
Theater 4R: Band of Robbers Matinee Room

Lobby 5
Theater 5L: Norm of the North Matinee Room
Theater 5R: 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Matinee Room

Lobby 6
Theater 6L: Lecture Room: Film Scouts Language Lab
Theater 6R: Reference Library: Film Vault

Lobby 7
Theater 7L: The Observatory: Psychic Room
Theater 7R: Carol Matinee Room

Lobby 8
Theater 8L: Misconduct Matinee Room
Theater 8R: The Hateful Eight Matinee Room

Lobby 9
Theater 9L: Meeting Room
Theater 9R: Everybody Wants Some Matinee Room

Lobby 10
Theater 10L: 2015 Torino Film Festival Film Festival
Theater 10R: 2003 Cannes Film Festival Film Festival

Lobby 11
Theater 11L: The 5th Wave Matinee Room
Theater 11R: The Big Short Matinee Room

Lobby 12
Theater 12L: Joy Matinee Room
Theater 12R: Rolling Papers Matinee Room

Lobby 13
Restricted Area, Employees Only (enter at your own risk)

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