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1995 Toronto Film Festival Diaries
Henri Behar At The Toronto Film Festival: Days 3-4

by Henri Béhar

Sunday, September 9, 1995

Major gridlock, this Saturday night, at the Roy Thomson Hall party for the "Steal Big, Steal Little" party. Matt Dillon was there, and David Carradine with his daughter Calista, and director Andrew ("The Fugitive") Davis and family. The night belonged to Andy Garcia, also in town for "Things to do in Denver When You're Dead", and never more so as when he played bongos with the Latin quintet, proving to be quite a musician. Then everyone went to the "Bamboo", traditionally the Festival's Saturday-night "must" (and no less traditionally the hardest invite to get).

No less traditional is the Canadian Film Center barbecue thrown by Norman and Dixie Jewison at Winfields. Two thousand picnic-ers wolfed down tons of hot dogs, hamburgers, pizzas, corn on the cob and hero sandwiches. One (medium) star complained about "the same tired old faces" ("old"?! After only three days?). Of course medium-star is wrong, a whole new batch just arrived in town, including Abel Ferrara and Lili Taylor for "The Addiction", Harvey Keitel for "Ulysses' Gaze", Diane Keaton and Andie McDowell for "The Unstrung Heros", Kristin Scott-Thomas for "Angels and Insects" and Sean Penn is due any minute for the gala screening of "The Crossing Guard", which stars Jack Nicholson, David Morse and Anjelica Huston.

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