Film Scouts Diaries

1998 Toronto Film Festival Diaries
Diary #5

by Jason Gorber

Monday, September 12, 1998

Don't lend out your pens. This is my advice to fellow journalists. I've lost maybe 15 pens in the last four days. The worst part is that I keep seeing the people I lent them too. Particularly with a name tag showing your press affiliation, it's not such a good idea to bring up the point later. If they've maliciously taken my pen, then I'm just going to make a scene. If they did it by accident, then it will be an embarrassment to point out the fact.

I even asked to borrow a pen from someone who I had lent one just yesterday. It was, of course, my own pen that was offered to me. I gave it back after I was done, of course. In retrospect, maybe it was a test. If not of any sense of moral turpitude, then at the least a clever way of measuring just how Canadian I really am.

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