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1997 Toronto Film Festival Diaries
Day 11

by Henri Béhar

Toronto, Sept. 14, 1997

The news of the day is announced by general delegate Piers Handling during the traditional brunch at the Four Seasons. Director of communications Mich'le Maheux has just given birth to a boy. ´ His name is Brad Piers ', Handling deadpans, before cheerfully correcting himself: ´ I mean, Sean Liam ', and getting on with the Awards ceremony. The Best Canadian Film Award is shared by Atom Egoyan's ´ The Sweet Hereafter ' and Thom Fitzgerald 's ´ The Hanging Garden ' wich also beats ´ L.A. Confidential ' and ´ The Edge ' as the Most Popular Film. Now I really want to see the damn thing.

Glass of champagne at Piers Handling's office (a tradition), corn on the cob and barbecue at Château-Helga, back to the hotel to pack, then early night. What a smooth way of getting back into normal life (whatever that is) and what a smooth, rewarding, enriching Festival that was.

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