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1997 Toronto Film Festival Diaries
Day 9

by Henri Béhar

Toronto, Sept. 12, 1997

It always happens at some point during a festival: you panic. So many films, so little time, so little time *left*. So many people, so many things you want to catch up with. What with papers, magazines, brochures and press kits, your hotel room looks like Citizen Kane's salon after he's smashed everything. Time to start sorting out your stuff - and packing.

In her Venice Film Festival coverage, Daniele Heymann was right: Takeshi Kitano's ´ Fireworks ' is a masterpiece, of a unique kind, and the Jane Campion-presided jury very sensibly gave it its top award. Still impossible to get into a screening of ´ The Hanging Tree '. Eric Stoltz and Andy Garcia are in town and so, one hears, is Aidan Quinn for ´ The Assignment '.

The big deal, however, is the sneak preview of Jean-Jacques Annaud's ´ Seven Years in Tibet ' at the Eglinton cinema uptown, waaaaay uptown. The invitations have been doled out meretricously - to press and industry at least: all it took for a normal audience was to line up in front of the cinema and pay for a normal ticket. Silly games.

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