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1996 Telluride Film Festival Diaries
Farewell to Telluride

by Leslie Rigoulot

September 3, 1996

The makeshift theater in the high school gym is already in pieces The charter flights have taken off. The remaining few T-shirts and posters have sale prices. Tellride's year round residents are happy with their profits and the renewed ability to find a parking place. The prairie dogs, chipmunks, rabbits, beavers and other local fauna are equally happy with the decrease in traffic and are congratulating themselves for surviving another festival. Actually, there is a lot of that going around.

I left a message for Marianne on the 'rides needed' bulletin board so that she could call if she still needed transportation to Colorado Springs. Instead Elise Schein called. She arrived in Montrose with poster, Kodak cap, duffle bag and her film, "I Steal Happiness", which had been chosen for the Filmmakers of Tomorrow sequence. "I've been awake for two days, so forgive me if I don't make any sense." she wearily explained. But no explanation was needed. After only four days the festival's underlying pressure had gotten to everyone. "We had so little time to connect with people, to renew acquaintances and of course, to make deals." Elise intoned as we winded through the Gunnison National Forest. "I saw Oliver Assayas again. Hadn't seen him since San Francisco, four years ago and he was here with his film, "Irma Vep". I'm hoping to work with him. So talented. What did you like?" she asked. "I didn't see much I didn't like but "Riot" stands out." I replied. "No one liked "Riot" among the filmmakers. It must have been accepted as a favor. You know, all the young filmakers adored Mike Leigh's "Secrets and Lies" but to make it in Hollywood you have to have secrets and lies. It is the only way to get all that money. I just want to make films but funding is so difficult. I'm living in Prague now but I think it is time to move on to Paris. I was going to work with Oliver Assaayas but his whole company changed and the assistant who promised me work was no longer there. Who did you interview?" "Carroll Ballard," I interjected "I heard he is very cynical about Hollywood and movie making." Elise was saying as we entered the San Isabel National Forest. "Well, he has a reputation as an animal movie director and he'd like to do more, do westerns." I explained, "If "Fly Away Home" does okay, he'll get to make another movie, but if it hits the high money marks, he'll be able to do the kind of movie he wants to do." "I won't sell out to Hollywood and those emotionally manipulative movies. Who cares if Demi Moore screwed all the Brat Pack, who cares about the stars? I left the US and Brad Pitt was all anyone could talk about. Now it is this Matthew McCoaughey. Stars are disposable."

I didn't want to tell her that directors are too as we bid Telluride farewell.

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