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1996 Telluride Film Festival Diaries
Theme of Telluride

by Leslie Rigoulot

September 1, 1996

Bill Pence has stated that the theme of the Telluride Film Festival is love. Love of movies, love of each other, love of whatever has in fact dominated the films. Carroll Ballard and I discussed the almost light feeling of the festival and the lack of dark movies. Then I saw the short "Shoot Me Angel". I feel free to tell you the entire story since I know it won't spoil your enjoyment should you subject yourself to it. A white woman is chasing a black woman and shoots her in the leg. There is a scuffle and the white woman is overpowered. Handcuffed to a chair in some factory setting, the white woman tries to escape. The now nude black woman makes sexual advances to the white one and the chair is tipped over. With a kiss, the black woman gives the key to the cuffs to the white woman. They embrace and writhe on the floor. Now I may be none too sophisticated but if so, so was the rest of the audience. The nine minute film did not receive even the most polite applause. It was a waste of time and film although I suppose the theme was still love. It was just pointless.

The good news is that so far this is the only film I have not liked out of the five I've seen. Onward to love!

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