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1996 Telluride Film Festival Diaries
The Fun of Telluride

by Leslie Rigoulot

August 29, 1996

Everything is friendly here. The press orientation gives us a chance to ask questions, receive information and see old friends. Doc Martens sponsors a huge 'Opening Night Feed' for which they close off Colorado Avenue and put out plenty of food and drinks. For those not familiar with Mexican food, there are signs out to inform them what is what. And even the green chili sauce isn't too hot for most of the gringos. Amstel Light provides the beer and Capitol Records is handing out CD's while everyone looks for the celebs. John Ritter is here to promote "Sling Blade" while Ken Burns and animator extraordinary Chuck Jones are here because they sit on the council of advisors for the Telluride Film Festival. Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall are also on the council and are spotted with George Lucas. It is all the young filmmakers can do to contain themselves. "Did you see him? Lucas is so down to earth. He the one in the blue shirt" one of the aspiring directors exalts. But this is Telluride where everyone can relax and even George Lucas is willing to talk to anyone who asks.

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