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2002 Taormina BNL FilmFest Diaries
Cosa Mostra: Day 4

by Philipp Hoschka

Taormina, July 9, 2002 - While it was not "a precious tennis bracelet with diamonds in it" (awarded to Hugh Grant yesterday), I was nevertheless pleased to find a pair of new sneakers in my press box this morning, offered by one of the Festival's sponsors - my only concern now is how to keep Film Scouts' Jerry the Usher from confiscating them as "inappropriate bribe".

The day starts out with the daily press conference at Hotel Timeo, covering all movies of the previous day. The star is Hugh Grant, of course, who during his appearance gets bothered by photographers, by questions about his private life, by people hunting for autographs, and by a girl who suggests that they should have a baby together, to which he responds: "Sure, your place or mine?". Turns out that the latter was done for an Italian show which specializes in putting stars into embarrassing situations - Grant took it well, but his security guard got a little concerned during this scene.

At the nightly cocktail party, I learn that the films shown in the Sergio Leone retrospective that is part of the Festival are all in Italian, with no English language subtitles - too bad! Overall, the festival has a very Italian slant, including the content of my press box, where the material is usually 80% Italian (including the sneakers, but that is less of a problem).

Tonight's screening is "The Reckoning", a movie starring Willem Dafoe. Set in medieval time, a Greek theatre is certainly a recommendable place to see this movie - try it if you get the chance. The film tells the story of a group of travelling actors that come into a town and help to resolve a series of murders in the town by staging a play depicting the events. The movie includes some enticing scenes and camera work. Given the setting and the story, viewers are reminded of Umberto Ecco's "The Name of the Rose", although some also thought of Monty Python's "Jabberwocky", so your mileage may vary.

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