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1998 Sundance Film Festival Diaries
A Mission to Utah #2 (January 15)

by Richard Schwartz

PARK CITY, January 15 - In Cannes, they say all the business is done on the hotel terrace. But in Sundance, the biz goes down on the way down - the slopes, that is.

That would only make sense. Why else would they hold a film festival in this icebox of a hamlet? Sundance is located in a city so bitterly cold that USA TODAY has granted Park City its very own special color on the weather map.

And these Hollywood bigwigs love to ski. Heck, even Redford boasts his own ski resort. So it's no surprise that festival schedulers attempt to program most film screenings later in the afternoon ensuring the snowhounds some ample slope time.

In fact, I've been told that if one seeks to uncover the real story behind the Sundance Film Festival, he must first rent a pair of skis.

However, I'm having a few second thoughts about skiing. Trees seem to be popping up out of nowhere these days. And I'm no hurry to complete this latest celebrity death triangle.

Maybe I'll change my mind.

Then again, maybe I'll purchase a helmet.

Hey, Sonny would've wanted it that way.

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