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1996 Sundance Film Festival Diaries
Quest for Bob, Part 3

by M. L. Riesman

January 23rd

I have been pointed in many directions, but yet no Bob...

My interviews have been interesting. Patsy Kensit from "Angels and Insects" told me how much she loved playing the part of Eugenia, a character that draws upon an actor's resources. Her characters starts out as the most lovable person in the world and gradually becomes some one who is quite the opposite -- a person whom you would not want to meet.

"Hype" is a film that portrays the Seattle music scene. The "Hype" crew came down with a memorabilia bus that includes a bra of Courtney Loves.

Kit Carson has a short here that he hopes to morph into a feature. The short film "Spartan" has very good word of mouth.

"Wild Bill," in which Bob Redford has a part, is also garnering good word of mouth from many -- including Oliver Stone, who was spotted at a screening.

The town is also holding its breath as it waits for Al Pacino and Kevin Spacey to arrive for their film, "Looking for Richard." I know this film as I assisted in getting them into the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, their main location, and actually have a few words in the pictures...but I am sure I must have made it to the cutting room floor by now. In any case, I remember this small bit well not only because I had to be sewn into my costume -- which belonged to Winona Ryder , a size 4 (and I am a 6) --but I had the experience of watching Pacino work with passion on this project.

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