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1996 Sundance Film Festival Diaries
Quest for Bob, Part 1

by M. L. Riesman

January 20, 1996

What is a New Yorker doing in Utah? I better have a decent excuse. This time I do: I am at The Sundance Film Festival. Wow, mountains, Mormons and fresh air with Bob, as in Redford.

So I arrive at this condo in a snowstorm. The condo looks like Hansel and Gretal on speed. Pink...very Pink.

My first brush with Bob was at the Zoom last night, the local restaurant he owns. I saw him drive into the parking lot. My second brush with Bob was when my leather jacket brushed against his at the tribute to Dianne Weist that also took place last night.

I am just striking zero here. I have always wanted to meet Robert Redford. I admire his vision for Sundance as well as his talent. Determined as I am to find him and shake his hand, I seem to be batting zero. Oh well, there is always another day. Maybe I can find Bob tomorrow...Gee all I want to do is shake his hand. Maybe if I go up Main Street, Park City, I can find Bob. Maybe someone here actually has met him and can tell me the direction he was last seen, then I can at least follow Bob. You know...pick up the trail.

You see I am a East coast kind of girl adapting to that western view right off the bat.

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