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1996 Montreal Film Festival Diaries
Montreal Diary - Day 8

by Henri Béhar

Montreal, Thursday, August 29

Catching up. Shown a few days ago, "Forgotten Silver", by New-Zealander Peter Jackson (he of "Dead Alive" and "Heavenly Creatures" fame) is a gem of a (faux) documentary on a (faux) "film director forgotten by history and anthologies". Last screening of "Wild Bill", a (real) documentary on (real) director William Wellman ("The Ox-Bow Incident", among others). Robert Redford, Martin Scorsese and a whole bunch of luminaries express their admiration for this splendid director, revered by the French and taken for granted by the Americans. Be they energetic or contemplative, his films showed a remarkably incisive knowledge of both human nature and... the Hollywood studio system. If it ever comes out on cassette (it was shown on TNT), get it.

Parties, parties: The Russian delegation has a pour at the Monte-Carlo, the "Where do we start to make it a long night" crow gathers at Jello's, and there's a Jazz Night at Biddles'. Party hopping a must: different drinks, same faces. Almost: who does this smashing pair of green eyes belong to?

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