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1996 Montreal Film Festival Diaries
Montreal Diary - Day 4

by Henri Béhar

Sunday, August 25, 1996

Lies, lies. Two films have that word in their title. "Brilliant Lies," by Australian director Richard Franklin, deals with sexual harrassment. The usual type: boss (Anthony La Paglia) vs. secretary (Gia Carides). A couple of twists, though: Fleshy Carides is openly a flirt, and he's a womanizer. Therein lies the interest of this film: Neither character is more likeable at the end than then were at the beginning, but the harassment case still stands. "Brilliant Lies" tackles the matter head on -- with a similar subject, however, David Mamet's "Oleanna" is far more textured.

Peter Kitwit's "Silent Lies" also deals with abuse, this time between father and daughter, and its impact on a pre-prom teenager.

"La Promesse" (The Promise) is undeniably a foreign film. Directed by Belgian helmers (and brothers) Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne, it is a stark, albeit occasionally funny, look on the money to be made on illegal immigrants. An activity you can't be too young to start in -- the main character is barely fifteen. There is "no happy end", no "redemption", the one time the kid does something nice, problems abound. Life is tough, the film says, but you have to live it and some flowers do grow amidst the rubble.


"Bubbles Galore" holds some sort of a record: the action takes place in the porno-movie industry, yet it's the first soft-porn flick you don't need to take your gabardine coat to. So we didn't and went to the Alliance Entertainment party.


Nice restaurant, the Fouquet's in Montreal. Not as haute-snack as the Paris one, but more informal. Obviously, for the last three days, the guests had been dying to party, and party they did. Laura Dern was there, recovering from a day's worth of back to back interviews, so were "A Toute Vitesse" 's Gael Morel and Stephane Rideau. The introductions were a delight: Kids from the hood meet the daughter of Hollywood royalty.

Minutes later, the Kids considered they'd done their official duty and dashed to the Montreal Village where life starts after midnight. I caved in at 3.

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