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1999 Karlovy Vary Film Festival Diaries
Diary #7

by Henri Béhar

KARLOVY VARY, Czech Republic -Sunday, July 11, 1999

And so, the Festival closed last night. The closing night ceremony was... what closing nights ceremonies usually are: official. There was a repeat performance of opening night's "bed show", awards were given - most of them quite well deserved - and Franco Zeffirelli, in town for almost hush-hush presentation of Tea With Mussolini and not so hush-hush Life Achievement Award, launched in a long acceptance speech. The man needs an editor...

The closing night party was fun, as business cards and e-mail addresses were frantically exchanged. A bunch of us made a token appearance then went to the swimming pool (then to Hell) to celebrate - at 3 AM sharp!" - Marek Brodsky's birthday.

Interesting guy, Marek Brodsky. Ran the press office for nearly five years, wanted to become a diplomat, or a civil servant of some responsibility in the foreign service, went instead into film production (where diplomacy, grace under pressure, and knowledge of foreign markets are just as essential, but that's another story). He is part of the gang that produced Helluva Good Luck which just got a technical award. At 3 AM, glasses were raised. At 7 AM, clothes were thrown into an already bursting suitcase. At 9, head for the Prague airport two hours away, then back to NYC.

Herebelow is the list of the winners.



MAIN JURY Yves Boisset (director), Chairman of the Jury, France Jaroslav Brabec (cameraman, director), Czech Republic Jutta Brückner (actress, producer, scriptwriter), Germany Katinka Farago (producer), Sweden Brian Gilbert (director), Great Britain Karen Sachnazarov (director), Russia Dan Fainaru (critic), Israel

GRAND PRIX - CRYSTAL GLOBE (US $ 20 000) Hachaverim shel Yana (Yana's Friends) Directed by Arik Kaplun, Israel

SPECIAL JURY PRIZE Fucking Amal (Show Me Love) Directed by Lukas Moodysson, Sweden

BEST DIRECTOR Alexander Rogozhkin, Russia For Blockpost ("Checkpoint")

BEST ACTOR Hilmar Thate, Germany For Wege in die Nacht ("Paths in the Night")

BEST ACTRESS Evlyn Kaplun, Israel For Hachaverim shel Yana ("Yana's Friends")

SPECIAL MENTION Pelisky ("Cozy Dens"), CR For its interpretation and direction.


SPECIAL AWARD Nikita Mikhalkov

AUDIENCE AWARD Fucking Amal, (Show Me Love) directed by Lukas Moodysson, Sweden


PHILIP MORRIS FREEDOM AWARD (The award was presented to the East of the"Vest section - grand total 5 000 USD)

PHILIP MORRIS FREEDOM AWARD JURY Gary McVey, Chairman of Jury, USA Raissa Fomina, Russia Agnieszka Holland, Poland Ron Holloway, Germany Eva Zaoralova, Czech Republic

Okraina ("Outskirts") Directed by Petra Lucik, Russia

FIPRESCI JURY AWARD (International Film Critics Guild)

FIPRESCI JURY Ninos Feneck Mikelides (Chairman of Jury), Greece Magdalena Bicikova, Czech Republic Sudhir Nandgaonkar, India Philip Bergson, Great Britain Bojidar Manov, Bulgaria

MAIN AWARD Pelisky ("Cozy Dens") Directed by Jan Hrebejk, Czech Republic

SPECIAL MENTION Drop Dead Gorgeous Directed by Michael Patrick Jann, USA


FICC JURY Jan Kasmer, Chairman of Jury, Czech Republic Herman Greuel, Germany Vladimir Mlcousek, Slovakia Martha Otte, Norway Elisabetta Randaccio, Italy

DON QUIJOT AWARD Fucking Amal ("Show Me Love") Directed by Lukas Moodysson, Sweden

SPECIAL MENTION La fille sur le pont ("The Girl on the Bridge") Directed by Patrice Leconte, France

ECUMENICAL JURY AWARD. ECUMENICAL JURY Milan Simacek (Chairman of Jury), Czech Republic Lada Amautova, Czech Republic Christopher Fritze, Germany Franziska Leinert, Switzerland Anna Petrzelkova, Czech Republic

ECUMENICAL JURY AWARD A Reasonable Man Directed by Gavin Hood, Republic of South Africa

SPECIAL MENTION Hachaverim shel Yana ("Yana's Friends") Directed by Arik Kaplun, Israel

Beautiful People Directed by Jasmin Dizdar, Great Britain

EMIL RADOK AWARD presented by the Union of the Czech Computer and Multimedia Artists

Helluva Good Luck" Directed by Zdenek Troska, Czech Republic for its computer animation and special effects.

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