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1998 Cannes Film Festival Diaries
A Kaiju Goes to Cannes #2: Can The Carlton Be Saved?

by Hirama-Gon

So very unsophisticated of the French, perhaps, to sell out the Carlton each year to yards and yards of advertising. Last year's terrace and front areas were reserved for "Jurassic Park" and "Beavis and Butthead" (with a favorite sign of the gruesome teens reading "Eh-he-he…He said "Oui-Oui"). This year's prize goes to the makers of "Godzilla," who plastered one of their famous "HE'S LONGER THAN THIS…" banner across the front of the white-faced hotel.

This indicates that the monster is, indeed, in Cannes and quite worth my trip to the French shores. Not everyone seems to be overly intrigued by the possibility of Tokyo's favorite monster, now undoubtedly Americanized, being the closing film selection for the festival. Columbia Tristar has made a valiant effort, even releasing a Godzilla Invades Cannes type promotional mock newspaper around the streets closest to the Palais. Last seen, the papers were swirling around in mini circles caused by the approaching rain storms

Personally, if any monster movie was to close the ceremony, it should have been "Godzilla v. The Destroyer." This film unites the original cast of the movie together as they watch the death (perhaps real, this time) of Godzilla, who suffers from a nuclear meltdown. There is much sentimental value to this movie, especially since it was the last Godzilla made before the death of monster creator Tomoyuki Tanaka in 1997.

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