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1996 Cannes Film Festival Diaries
Diary #16 - May 21, Day 13

by Henri Béhar

May 21, 1996

CANNES -- Every year I am struck by how quickly the Festival vanishes from the face of Cannes. By noon, the day after, every single film poster on the Croisette has been replaced by an announcement for some horse-riding competition or an advertisment for some perfume or other. The streets are virtually empty, and silent: the film crowd is gone, the locals haven't yet repossessed their territory. The tea-room-for-blue-rinses furniture is back in the Carlton Hotel lobby, the Majestic bar almost deserted, save for a few zombies who stayed up all night to meet their deadlines. As one person was overheard saying to another a few years back: "Let's leave, there's only people left here."

The aftermath is actually the best time in Cannes. Time to relax, time to renew one's friendships with the natives. We closed the "La Cave" restaurant and with Marc and Christian, continued to party, break bread, pour salt and do whatever one does to bottles of chilled Sancerre and Poire Williams. I went straight from the restaurant to the airport -- can't even remember packing.

Yep, it was that good.

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