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1996 Cannes Film Festival Diaries
Diary #14 - May 19, Day 11

by Henri Béhar

May 19, 1996

CANNES -- Raoul Ruiz's "Trois Vies et Une Seule Mort" ("Three Lives, One Death") unites for the first time Italian icon Marcello Mastroianni and Chiara, his daughter by Catherine Deneuve. And for the first time, the two of them did the round of print- radio- and tv-interviews in joint appearances. Amazing how Chiara, who is the spitting image of her father, suddenly -- and subtly -- became her mother's daughter: different hairdo, different color.

Asked whether she was afraid, or impressed, to play opposite her famous father (as she had done with her no-less-famous mother), Chiara replied. "Impressed, yes. Always. Afraid, no. You see, I didn't have to meet my new partner; I'd known him for quite a while."

Looking like the proud papa that he is, Marcello Mastroianni gleefully threw a dart at American actors who, from one interview to the other, go on about "how they suffer for their art."

"What's there to suffer about? They pick you up in a limo, take you to the set, you wait in a mile-long trailer, you mug for a second or two in front of a camera -- lucky if you so much as open a door -- then you're limoed back to your hotel, and at the end of the week they pay you a ridiculous amount of money. Tough, ain't it?"

Isn't that what Robert Mitchum used to say -- and nobody believed him?


"Heard anything yet?"

The Croisette is abuzz with the wildest rumors, as everyone is playing the Winners Game. The consensus is that Mike Leigh's "Secrets and Lies" and Lars von Trier's "Breaking the Waves" will get the two top prizes, though no one knows in which order.

Best Actor? Not a huge choice. Maybe James Spader in "Crash", but he already got it for "sex, lies and videotapes". Maybe Harry Belafonte in "Kansas City", but he's more, like, supporting. More probably Daniel Auteuil (who has two films in competition displaying quite a range), with or without his "Eighth Day" partner, Pascal Duquenne.

As far as Best Actress is concerned, there are too many strong contenders. Frances McDormand as the pregnant cop in Joel Coen's "Fargo"? Emily Watson in "Breaking The Waves"? Chinese superstar Gong Li in Chen Kaige's "Temptress Moon"? Jennifer Jason Leigh and/or Miranda Richardson? Deneuve in "Les Voleurs"?

More importantly, will David Cronenberg's "Crash" go back to Canada empty-handed?

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