Film Scouts on the Riviera 2000

2000 Cannes Film Festival Diaries
Pop-Top Cannes #5

by Jerry (the usher)

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Anyway, after I tell Slick the whole story of my first trip to Cannes, our conversation turns again to the topic of my image.

"Look," says Slick, "maybe you're doing something right. If you can get someone like 'Mr. Big' to give you more than the time of day, you should just stick with what you've built up already. It seems to be working for you."

Well, I've never thought I was building anything. I'm not a construction zone, I'm just me. But Slick's change of heart is welcome. I had no intention of being made over anyway. Have you seen these makeover shows on TV? I think everyone looks better in the "before" pictures.

I think it's sorry, this makeover business. Straight hair frizzed, curly hair konked. Light and dark hair inverted like a photo negative. Those petit dictators of taste that just manipulate the hell out of their clueless victims, they make me cringe.

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