Film Scouts on the Riviera 2000

2000 Cannes Film Festival Diaries
Pop-Top Cannes #2

by Jerry (the usher)

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Who should it turn out to be but a classmate from high school, let's call him Slick. He was voted "smoothest operator" in the yearbook and I knew he had gone west to make his way in the Hollyworld...

Anyway, seems he's a rising-star junior agent. It's his first time in Cannes, and I offer to acquaint him with a few things, but he says "Oh, gee, thanks, phenominal, but I've got plenty of support." He looks like he just stepped out of GQ, he's wearing a white linen suit.

We get to talking about my (lack of a) career, and he says "Jerry, baby, I've always been sure you were going to make it big in pictures. Look, maybe I can help things along. Meet me at the Majestic and we'll have lunch. Here's my card."

Well, I wince when someone not a girlfriend calls me "baby", but still, this could be a useful connection...I look at the card. Embossed lettering, elegant. He's working for Deal Makers International, and the card is special for Cannes, with the Majestic's number above the Hollywood ones.

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