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Hello, projection...

Well, I've got the trailer as QuickTime (5.3mb).

I have some M. L. Riesman "Caught In The Web" Inter(net)views in QuickTime format:
"Correction Notice" with Katrin Cartlidge (1.9mb)
"Message for Home" with Katrin Cartlidge (1.0mb)
"Luddite" with Mike Leigh (2.7mb)
"The 21st Century" with Mike Leigh (2.6mb)
"The Internet" with Mike Leigh (1.3mb)
"Pure Artforms" with Mike Leigh (1.6mb)
"Process" with Mike Leigh (1.4mb)
"Passing of Time" with Mike Leigh (2.4mb)
"Life Journeys" with Mike Leigh (1.5mb)
"Sorting Things Out" with Mike Leigh (2.1mb)
"A Rounded Picture" with Mike Leigh (2.1mb)
"Tough Research" with Lynda Steadman (2.3mb)
"Inner Pain" with Lynda Steadman (0.8mb)

...OK, you're welcome. 'Bye.

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