OK, so here's what I've got under "C"...
Scott Caan
Michael Caine
Kit Carson
Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter
Katrin Cartlidge
Lacey Chabert
Jackie Chan
Jay Chandrasekhar
Don Cheadle
Nat Chediak
Kaige Chen
Lisa Cholodenko
Arthur C. Clarke
John Cleese
Rick Cleveland
George Clooney
Dalisa Cohen
Rob Cohen
Gary Cole
Jennifer Connelly
Sofia Coppola
Sharon Corder
Bud Cort
James Cromwell
David Cronenberg
Russell Crowe
Billy Crudup
Tom Cruise
Ice Cube
Kieran Culkin
Jamie Lee Curtis
Vondie Curtis-Hall

Would you like to see something else?

...OK, you're welcome. 'Bye.

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