Film Scouts on the Riviera 1999

1999 Cannes Film Festival Buzz
Ten Things To Watch for at Cannes in 1999

by Richard Schwartz

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1. YOU CANNES COME HOME AGAIN - Familiar auteurs such as Almodovar, Lynch, Jarmusch and Werner Herzog return. All that's missing is Kubrick. Oh, wait, even he's here - in the form of a posthumous photographic retrospective!

2. YEAH, BABY! Mike Myers and company storm the shore to kick off press for the "Austin Powers" sequel... but will the Europeans realize those aren't his real teeth?

3. POLITICS DU JOUR - With Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon making an appearance, we're virtually guaranteed a healthy dose of political speeches and colorful ribbons. Take your pick - Kosovo, Ken Starr, Kazan, Kazakhstan.

4. SUMMER OF SPIKE - Director Spike Lee returns to unveil his serial killer docudrama for the Cannes audience. Hey, at least he need not worry about missing any Knicks' playoff games this year.

5. NO BATHROBE REQUIRED: Hugh Hefner, the man who invented the girlie magazine, graces the stage where they hand out an award called the Golden Palm. Too good to be true.

6. NOT EVEN RINGO? Rumors of a restored cut "Hard Day's Night" screening, with appearances by the three surviving Beatles, turned out to be merely rumors. Couldn't Gilles Jacob at least pull a Lorne Michaels and offer the fab trio a million-dollar check for a reunion?

7. FORTNIGHT AT THE FIGHTS - Will the maligned Directors' Fortnight sidebar, the subject of many a row last year, find itself even further out on the margins this year? Well, it can't get much worse than having to inhabit the drab basement of the bunkeresque Noga Hilton...

8. VIVA LAS DIVAS - Pay no mind to VH-1 claims, Cannes draws the real divas. Keep an eye out for an Andre-less Brooke Shields, promoting her newest film seaside; Catherine Zeta-Jones, whose shapeliness graces every billboard and bus sign in L.A. and promises to do the same along the Croisette; and even Canuck popster Alanis Morisette, star of Miramax's "Dogma." Oh, not to mention Hugh's playmates and Austin's fembots.

9. WEINSTEIN ON THE BEACH - He's a Cannes mainstay, but with his new title as this year's "King of the World" (see '99 Oscars), will the Miramax chairman be striking an even loftier pose in France?

10. PHANTOM MENACE - Will anybody really be paying attention to Cannes after May 19?

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