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1998 Cannes Film Festival Buzz
See No 'Evil'

by Richard Schwartz

CANNES, May 21 -

Festival officials have pulled the plug on the much anticipated Friday screening of Orson Welles' classic "Touch of Evil."

In cancelling the official screening, Cannes apparently bowed to the wishes of Welles' granddaughter Beatrice, who took issue with the festival's screening of a newly edited cut of the 1958 drama. She claims that the original release is the only authorized version of "Touch of Evil" and any new print may not be shown without her permission.

Meanwhile, Universal dismissed Welles' claims as "unfounded" and hinted that plans to display the rerelease in the States this fall continue to move ahead.

As well, there's increasing speculation that studio and festival officials are hoping to hammer out a resolution prior to the close of the festival Sunday. There should be little problem in getting stars out for a last-minute screening. "Touch of Evil" co-star Janet Leigh arrives in town today to promote the rerelease.

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