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1997 Cannes Film Festival Buzz
Vox Pops: What They're Saying at the Festival

by Richard Schwartz

"Cannes has a special magic that evokes the glamour of the golden age of Hollywood long passed by... I'm just here to soak it all in. Happy birthday, Cannes."
-- Alexander Cohen, businessman, Burlington, Vt.

"The weather's not too good, but that's alright. I saw Andie Macdowell and she smiled at me."
-- Patrice Warnier, computer specialist, Lyon, France

"Demi. Demi. Demi. That's why I'm here."
-- Ben Jablow, student, Washington, D. C.

"Yippie-cay-yay, Cannes!"
-- Bruce Willis, actor, Hollywood

"The frocks have been sort of cheeky. Jeanne Moreau wasn't wearing Gaultier, she was wearing Barnum."
-- Colin Smithe, bartender, Manchester, England

"I was shocked (when his "End of Violence" was chosen to screen on the night of the jubilee celebration). I'm not wishing to win, but I wish the atmosphere at the Palais is open and positive and seen for what it is."
-- Nicholas Klein, screenwriter, Los Angeles

"I'm having a fine time here, but I still don't know if it's pronounced Can or Con!"
-- Lynne Lewis, traveller, Long Island, New York

"Viva la France!"
-- Howard Stern, film star & radio personality, New York

"Cannes would be much better if it weren't held in France."
-- Anonymous

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