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1997 Cannes Film Festival Buzz
An Innovation on the 18th

by Lisa Nesselson

The Cannes Film Festival has announced that for the first time ever, all of the Competition entries will be shown again, one last time, on Sunday May 18th, while the universe awaits the results of the jury's deliberations.

Until now, competition films have been like TV series before the advent of VCRs - if you missed an episode of "Laugh-In" when it was broadcast, you were out of luck until summer re-runs rolled around. Ditto at Cannes. Although the Directors Fortnight was more "forgiving" in its policy of showing the same movie several times throughout the fest, a competition film unseen remained elusive until its commercial release.

As with any number of other things about the 50th fest, this most welcome Day of the Second Chance is a triumph of form over content. It'd be great to see all these films again if only so many of them weren't pictures I could have lived without seeing the first time around.

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