Film Scouts on the Riviera 2000

2000 Cannes Film Festival Buzz
Ten Questions Overheard At Cannes 2000

by Richard Schwartz

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10. Why do we have to strike back at the French for sending us "The Fifth Element"... by retaliating worse and sending them "Mission To Mars" for this year's festival?

9. What's Dennis Rodman doing here... and is it mere coincidence that the Lakers are faring better than ever without his services?

8. With internet companies en masse at the festival, will the dot-coms' bold strategy of buying free happy hour drinks for fest attendees result in greater brand awareness... or bankruptcy before next year's festival?

7. Will a kinder, softer Neil LaBute movie play at Cannes... and, more importantly, stateside?

6. Do you have any party invites... and can you get my friend in, too? (This one never changes.)

5. What's your cell phone number... and do I have to dial a "0" first?

4. Will any movie in competition break the $20 million barrier in the U.S. ... and, per last year's jury ruling, will that eliminate it from Palme D'Or competition?

3. For that matter, what will be the more coveted souvenir of this year's festival, the Golden Palm... or the Golden Palm Pilot devices being sold as a special edition by 3Com?

2. Will the sun ever come out... or might they just as well move the festival to September, as rumored?

1. Why did it take so long to get here... and when can I get out of town?

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